More FAQs

1. Who is eligible for loans with Turtle Rent?

·      At the moment, we are giving out loans to NSPs and Nursing Trainees who receive their allowance via e-zwich from a public institution.


2. Can I pay the full amount of my loan before the due date?

·      You can pay the full balance (including interest) before the due date – kindly give us a call, send us a WhatsApp message, or send us an email at support@turtlerent.co and we will e-mail you the details.


3. What’s the penalty for not paying on time?

·      The penalty for not paying on time is 2.5% flat per month until full payment has been made.


4. How much can I request?

·      NSPs can take up to Ghs2,200 and Nursing Trainees can take up to Ghs2,400. The maximum amount you can request depends on how long you’ve been in service or college.


5. Can I cancel a pending request?

·      If your loan application is pending review, you can cancel it.


6. May I know why I have been approved since yesterday but still haven’t received funds?

·      Once your loan application has been approved, your cash with will disbursed between 24-48 hours. You would receive an SMS and email alert when disbursement is done.


7. What do I do after my money has been disbursed?

·      Kindly present your e-zwich card at a bank or an e-zwich agent and request to load funds on your card in order to withdraw your money. Please note the term: LOAN FUNDS


8. I received an alert that loan is disbursed but it has not reflected in my account, what can I do?

·      Reach out to our Customer Care team via chat, WhatsApp, call or email (support@turtlerent.co) for us to investigate.


9. “I applied for GHS 1,100 but only have GHS 106.7 in my e-zwich”

·      This could be an exceptional case:

Your bank may have done a split decision on your card, say 90/10, 70/30, 50/50 etc. A split decision would result in part of any money sent to the card going to your bank account while the other part stays to the card.

Kindly check your bank account balance as well or contact your bank


10. What’s causing the delay in approving the loan?

·      Due to a high number of requests, we’re experiencing longer than normal delays. However, loan applications are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.


11. Are NABCO trainees eligible to apply for a loan?

·      Unfortunately, at this moment, NabCo Trainees are not eligible for loans with Turtle Rent.


12. I have requested for a loan but I haven’t received any response.

·      Reach out to our Customer Care team via chat, WhatsApp, call or email (support@turtlerent.co) for us to investigate.


13. How do I withdraw my money from e-zwich?

·      Kindly present your card to your bank or agent and request to load funds on your card and then request to withdraw your money.


14. How do I apply?

·      Visit our website at www.turtlerent.co and under the Blog section, click on Loan Guide


15. How to create an account?

·      Visit our website at www.turtlerent.co and on the homepage, there is a full detailed video outlining the account creation process.


16. What if after I’m over deducted?

·      Please reach out to our team if you believe a wrong deduction has been made from your card by Turtle Rent. If you still believe you were unjustly deducted, you are liberty to contact GhIPSS (a subsidiary of Bank of Ghana), the operator of the e-zwich platform to report the case.


17. Can I change my loan term after it is approved?

·      No, you have to follow the monthly payment schedule as provided in your summary OR pay the full loan cost